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Palmers Steel Industries Has Been Running Effectively Since 1995.

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About PSI:

The company was founded in 1995 at a very small level. It came into existence when the owner felt the need for advancement in the building industry. It’s now been operated by the owner’s son with the same level of enthusiasm. The loyal and professional team is working tirelessly to provide the best possible solution to the customer’s demands. The manufacturing unit of this company is operating in Brisbane and provides services to metropolitan areas. Palmers Steel Industries’ focal point is its long-term loyal customers; it makes sure to provide the best services to customers so that they can provide positive word of mouth all around the town. Customer satisfaction matters the most for the team at Palmers Steel because they are the key to success for them. Hence, the team cannot afford the disappointed customer. PSI’s specialization in adjustable steel columns, replacement steel house stumps, and many other steel-related products and services is well known around Brisbane.


PSI Products and Services: 

Palmers Steel Industries offer several products to the market. Stepco steel stair stringers manufactured in the factory at Brisbane are sleek and attractive to the eye of the customer; it is much stronger than timber. It can be customized according to the customer’s required specifications. Custom steel mono stringers are designed for modern open-plan houses. It is all custom made manufactured with Australian steel by the finest craftsmen. It can be powder coated to any colour preferred by the client. Treads are available with the new design which includes a colored slip-resistant nosing insert. The three standard lengths are offered from 900 to 1200mm. Both domestic treads and commercial treads are available with descriptions on the website. The painted, galvanized and adjustable steel columns are also supplied in Brisbane. The unique features of this product are weather resistance, versatility and ease to handle. Structural steel beams are provided on sale according to the client’s requirement. Weight and strength matter the most in it hence the team match specifications carefully to meet the safety and quality standards. The lintels are especially used to support the brick weight above windows and doors. The high-quality lintels that also go with the building standards are supplied by us. These lintels can also be used in the construction industry with customization. Replacement steel house stumps are also provided at a minimal rate and high quality. 


Contact PSI for query:

The sales team makes sure to deliver it without any obstacles in a safe and secure vehicle. A plan can also be quoted online. Whether it is about replacement steel house stumps or adjustable steel columns, ask freely from our sales team to get the idea. Palmer Steel Industries personnel can reply to any technical and practical questions; you may have to sort out your query instantly. Call now on the contact number provided on the website and find your solution instantly.

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