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How To Plan A Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is usually an event that is planned and organized by the maid of honor or family and loved ones and the event is basically the bachelorette party that one cannot invite their aunts and grandmothers to. Unlike the bachelorette party, the bridal shower does not revolve around hitting the clubs and getting drunk, it is an event where the bride is showered with gifts that will help her lead a happily married life.

If you’re someone who has been appointed the maid of honor at a wedding and you have no clue on how to organize a bridal shower, the information that have been gathered and mentioned below will definitely help you put a smile on the brides face.

Being the maid of honor, you might already be drowning in a list of wedding errands that you need to run that include checking and double checking on everything from the floral arrangements to the Australian wedding favours but the smile that will light up your friends face once the party winds down will be so rewarding.

Guest list

Since this is not the bachelorette party, you’re in the clear to invite all of the aunts and elderly women that are in your friend’s life so don’t forget to include her favorite grandmother in the guest list before you go about planning the bridal shower.

Before you start buying clear pvc boxes for décor purposes, get a rough estimate of all of the individuals that you will be sending invites out to.

Pick a venue

The ideal place to host a bridal shower is a little café or a restaurant or even a vineyard if you really want to make a statement and wow your friend with your party planning skills. Once you have decided on a venue, decide if you want to get food catered from a different caterer or buy food and beverages from the same venue.

Send out invites

If you want to make sure that each and every invitee gets the message loud and clear, it is best to send out invites via post but making invites can be quite expensive so instead of spending a fortune on invites, go online and look for websites that helps you create invitations for free s once you have created an invitation, print them out and mail them to all of the invitees. Planning a bridal shower does not have to be an incredibly time consuming task and following these steps will help ease the process further?