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How To Raise Strong Girls

Raising girls to be strong and empowered is not an easy task especially since the world continuously sets rules and standards for them to follow. There is a way that they must look, behave, talk and act. The world dictates what career options they should take and how much time they should devote to their families. In this context, teaching our young girls how to think and make decisions for themselves can be incredibly hard. But the article below provides tips that may come in handy for parents and guardians of young girls.

Stop stereotyping

Like it was mentioned earlier, the society loves to set rules for girls. If a girl dares to challenge them, everyone gets together, men and women alike, to batter the strong-willed girl’s ideals. If you need to raise strong girls, you must stop treating them as fragile set of individuals who are unique and feeble at the same time. Let them do the sports that they love. Let them become pilots, mountaineers, race car drivers and bikers if they like. Some girls like to do all those things while the others naturally don’t. Just let them decide for themselves and encourage them to do whatever they want to be. If you don’t do this, soon you will find them seeking anxiety treatment  because they are stuck in a life that brings them no joy!

Encourage them to be independent

The fairytales of yesteryear were full of distressed damsels who needed a prince to save them. Generations of women grew up idolizing these fictional characters. Change your mindset and encourage your daughters to be independent. Nobody has to lie in towers for centuries waiting for a prince in shining armor to come rescue them if they know how to escape themselves. Let them have careers that they are passionate about so they won’t have to depend on another all their lives. Encourage them to earn their own money.

Stop body shaming

If you continuously nag your daughter’s looks, she may soon start having eating disorders! Encourage her to eat healthy and exercise regularly and leave it at that. There really is no reason why all women have to have hourglass figures while men can rock pot bellies! Everyone should aim to have a good BMI because that’s the healthy thing to do. No one should starve themselves in an attempt to look good.

Let them take risks

We want our girls to grow up like pretty little snowflakes. They shouldn’t make mistakes or say the wrong things. The world chastises women ruthlessly for making mistakes so our girls become incredibly afraid to take risks. Don’t let this happen to your daughters. Allow them to make wrong decisions and tell them to be bold. Stop expecting them to be perfect all the time because they also deserve to live their lives to the fullest.The words you speak to them from the start become their inner voice as they grow. So speak positive words of encouragement and raise strong women!

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What Do We Have To Include In A Good Job Application?

Once you apply for a job you have always dreamed of doing, you have to personally make sure that you do everything right to make sure the chance of you getting selected is extremely high. For this to happen you have to be completely sure that there are no errors in your job applications, your personal details or your resume details because as soon as there Is one error to be spotted, it will lessen your chances or even eliminate your chances of getting the said job. There are certain things that you need to include in an application when it comes to applying for anything, and if some of these vital details are not available this means you would not be eligible for whatever you applied. Here are some of the important things that should be found in a proper job application.

A good resume

A good resume is going to make your chances of getting in to where you applied high so you might want to give some special attention to your resume. If you are not very sure about putting a resume together you can try looking for good resume writing services that will do a good job of making an impressive resume for you. There are certain details that need to be in a resume to make an impression like all your qualifications in a proper way and other details as well. Read this page if you are for professional resume writer.

Employment history

You have to make sure you provide all sorts of information about your employment history you had prior to what you are applying for. This will make it easy when it comes to the selection criteria for government jobs because it will show whoever is looking at your application that you have good experience in something which makes you even more eligible as a future employee. In employment details you can mention what you did, where you worked, for how long you served and you reason for leaving as well. All of these details are very important.

All References

This is a very vital part of applying for any job because a board of directors or whoever it is that is going to select you will be checking to see if all the details on your resume are correct and references are a way of doing so. Professional references could be your earlier boss, your colleagues, your co – workers and even your customers. Personal references could be your family or loved ones. Whoever you choose as a reference should be able to confirm that whatever is stated on your resume is entirely true.